How To Prevent Your Account From Facebook Phishing

How To Prevent Your Account From Facebook Phishing

How To Prevent Your Account From Facebook Phishing

 Facebook phishing is a technique in which we can obtain information like – username and passwords by letting some malicious software to enter into the electronic device used by target. Facebook phishing is similar to fishing in which we use bait to catch a victim. It is used  to get information about the target without letting him know.

What is Facebook Phishing ?

To make it simple lets call the facebook phishing is to make and create a fake facebook website to track the information of target. You need to make a fake Facebook website similar as to original  with negative purpose. Hacker uses it to steal the personal information and data from the target account. It is a link manipulation technique in which we create a fake web page and link. We send this link to user to login and when the target fills all the information field on his/her device the information is passed to the hacker without being target aware about it.

Creating Fake Web page and Link
We need to make  the fake web page which is created by looks similar to the original facebook page. While doing the facebook phishing we need to be specific for creating the fake website and the link. Link should be similar to the original link of facebook else the target will be suspicious about the link. We need to make sure that all the web page and link should be look alike as original web page so the target should login through our web page.Once the target open the fake link and fill the information field the attacker will get all the information of the target.

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